January 26th - March 15th, 2024

Fridays, 10am - 12am PST

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Clinically relevant competence and confidence for typical client presentations.

This course is designed for practicing pelvic health physiotherapists (able to do internals) who need help with clinical application.

  • Learn what's actually relevant (and not) from your internal pelvic assessment.

  • Get out of the pelvis! Learn common whole body patterns contributing to pelvic floor issues.

  • Gain clarity and structure for your clinical reasoning.

  • Learn how to create treatment plans to full recovery.

Course Content Examples

    1. A few sample slides from SUI week

    1. Week 1: Client relations

    2. Week 1 workbook

    3. Week 1 Recording

    4. Week 1 client relations slides

    1. Week 2: Prenatal & Birth prep

    2. week 2 workbook: pregnancy and birth prep

    3. Week 2 prenatal recording

    4. Week 2 prenatal references

    5. Week 2 prenatal slides

    1. Open office hours

    2. Open office hours 1 Recording

    1. Week 3: Postpartum

    2. Week 3 postpartum references resources

    3. week 3 postpartum recording

    4. week 3 postpartum slides

    5. week 3 postpartum workbook

    1. Open office hours

    2. Open office hours 2 recording

This course is designed to give you confidence and competence early in your pelvic health physio journey.

  • $989.00
  • 8 x live online classes with recordings available
  • free membership to our online Cheerful Community for further support and learning
  • 6 x 60 minute open office hour sessions to dive deeper into course content


“I had taken a few pelvic health courses but felt I was missing that real life component. I'm so glad that we found the Cheerful Pelvis Academy to fill in that gap. We got to work on cases, trouble shoot, brainstorm and be vulnerable together. I've been in the industry for several years now and having a community to lift each other up is what we need to move the profession forward. ”

Jessie Wong, Physiotherapist and Regional Director of Myodetox

“Honestly this course was one of the best I've taken as I really felt I was able to introduce the concepts into my practice immediately. I think I've improved as a therapist over the past eight weeks.”

Lindsay Bell

“Anniken and Trish facilitate a welcoming and judgement-free learning environment where they encourage clinical reasoning, question-asking and really understanding the "why" behind what we do as pelvic physiotherapists. This course really helped me grow and increased my clinical reasoning skills and confidence. ”

Madison McKinney

“The clinical reasoning framework that this course provided is so incredibly helpful. This is exactly what I needed to help give me some direction and to organize my thoughts in a way that made me feel like I was on the right track.”

Shannon Champion

“This course is an absolute must for practitioners working in pelvic health, it is the missing piece that helps to consolidate pelvic health information that has been gathered through various other courses. Both Trish and Anniken make you feel comfortable in asking question and sharing responses. I would highly recommend!”

Nicole Randhawa

“Trish and Anniken are amazing therapists, clinical minds and people. They offer a supportive learning environment and a space where you can ask any question without judgement. They work to teach you specific knowledge but also how to dig from within to use your own clinical reasoning to problem solve.”


“When I completed my pelvic floor certification, I felt quite daunted by the task of providing quality care for my clients. Despite there being a large number of resources offered through my training, I felt like I was "on my own" to figure things out. The Cheerful Pelvis mentoring sessions created an amazing sense of community, facilitating learning of both clinical reasoning and knowledge in a safe, friendly, and supportive container. Everything was well-organized, from the scheduling and timing of each session to the content delivery itself. ”


“Thanks again for a great session, it truly came at a time when I was feeling quite lost in terms of getting past the knowledge that I had accrued from the PHS levels but not really knowing where to do next and as I said with pelvic floor when I'm in my office all the time I don't always get to chat or pick up things from other therapists and it is something I miss about working in an open ortho space so I found these sessions invaluable. Both Anniken and Trish were wonderful teachers and very different which I found helpful.”


“Teaching style is great - hearing Anniken and Trish describe how they approach a problem or integrate a treatment technique helps bring theory to life. It was a good balance between some theory and lots of practical. The case studies were amazing and realistic, I especially appreciated the support with clinical reasoning. ”

Beth Wolfe

Learning Goals

We cover all the more common conditions seen and provide you with a framework for basic differential diagnosis and treatment planning.

  • Pregnancy, birth prep and postpartum.

    Learn how to assess and treat pregnant clients, using evidence-based education to support clients in optimizing birth outcomes, and treating through the immediate postpartum period.

  • Stress incontinence, over active bladder, prolapse and basic bowel presentations.

    Understand the differential diagnosis for musculoskeletal and bio-psychosocial contributors to SUI, OAB, prolapse and simple bowel issues. You'll leave with a roadmap for each condition, and practice working through how they can relate to each other.

  • Vulvo-vaginal pain.

    Understand how to assess and treat the contributing factors for vulvo-vaginal pain including vulvodynia, vaginismus and dyspareunia.

Upgrade your pelvic health clinical reasoning and support clients today.